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Freelancing is focus of next program

Freelance. The first syllable suggests freedom, as in being your own boss, full creativity control, or traveling around the globe in pursuit of that assignment that will define your legacy.

But is freelancing as glamorous as all that in reality? For the select few, yes, but for most contract creatives—writers, designers, photographers, multimedia specialists—freelancing requires an assertive self-promotion strategy, endless networking, crafting the right pitch and getting it to the correct person, or learning to adjust on a dime.

The next MPC program, "Freelancing ABCs: Intro, Pitch and Assignment," will turn look at what it takes to be a successful freelance communicator. Whether you’re just starting or have been freelancing for years, there’s something for you in this discussion.

Join us from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021, for this free program hosted via Zoom, which is made possibility through the generosity of the St. Louis Artists' Guild. We’ll have a panel of three professionals who will share tips of the their trade to help you boost your business.

Jill D. Miller is a longtime friend of MPC. She was a panelist last year for “When Life Gives You Lemons.” Her independent business development consulting company, Creative Solutions, is based in Wichita. She’s currently working on a women’s leadership conference that will be remote this year; for details visit For the MPC program, Jill will help us find our story and show us how to capture people’s attention to make a lasting impression on people we meet. Sometimes called an “elevator speech,” she’ll help us to craft a message about ourselves in a fun and creative way.

Denny Heinze has been involved in travel journalist for nearly 30 years as a writer, editor and designer. As regional editor of the Midwest and Southern editions of the AAA Explorer magazine, he oversees the editorial content for these publications that are mailed to approximately 1 million AAA members across seven states. He also coordinates regional travel articles for a monthly e-newsletter as well as produces an internal AAA employee newsletter. Denny will lead us with tips on crafting a strong pitch to an editor that gives you the best chances to land that assignment. We welcome Denny to our first program with us.

Jeanne Erdmann is another friend of MPC. She was a panelist in March 2019 for our Women’s History Month program. Jeanne is a former lab rat who joined the freelance life and never looked back. She writes frequently about cancer, genetics and genetic testing, and issues related to aging and caregiving, for a mix of consumer and trade publications. She will talk about finding a niche and making opportunities within that circle.

Please RSVP by Sept. 24 to and receive a Zoom meeting link and instructions. Remember to download the free Zoom application to your device prior to the event to easiest access.

Missouri Professional Communicators appreciates using resources of the St. Louis Artists' Guild to provide this program.

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