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March program: Text + Visuals

Updated: May 2, 2021

For truly impactful messages and stories, text and visuals have to work in harmony. Our presenters for the March program will discuss design elements and tips to bring your ideas to the next level.

Watch the recorded program now.

Peggy Nehmen is co-owner of Nehmen-Kodner, a freelance graphic design studio. She combines her love of graphic design, typography, and publishing with 30 years of experience. Book design is just one of her areas of expertise. Peggy will discuss why writers need a personal brand and how to create one.

Tate Foley is is associate professor of art at Webster University's Department of Art, Design, and Art History. He holds an MFA in printmaking from the Lamar Dodd School of Art in Georgia. Tate will discuss how to successfully marry visual elements with text, as well as give insight into "Text and Visual Language," the current exhibit at the St. Louis Artists' Guild.

We will meet virtually via Zoom. To receive instructions, please RSVP by noon on Friday, March 19 to Missouri Professional Communicators appreciates using

resources of the St. Louis Artists' Guild to provide this program.

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