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Spotlight shines on MPC in Cincinnati

This year’s annual National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) conference had big moments for Missouri Professional Communicators (MPC). In addition to seven national awards for MPC, co-president Janice Denham and member Ruth E. Thaler-Carter announced the 2024 national meeting will be in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis skyline
MPC will host the 2024 National NFPW Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sarah Komar of Kansas City, Missouri, took first and third place in two college categories, as well as an honorable mention in a professional category. Allison Stein, also of Kansas City, was awarded third place in an advertising category. Stein also was recognized as a 35-year member and national parliamentarian. Komar and Stein attended the conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

(Above left, Allison Stein receives award from retiring NFPW president Karen Rawley. Right, Sarah Komar receives awards from retiring president Karen Rawley. Photos by Janice Denham)

Back in St. Louis, Eileen Duggan won first place for her book. Suzanne Corbett’s entries earned a third place and two honorable mentions. MPC co-president Deborah Reinhardt took third place for her book, and Bob Delaney’s entry was given an honorable mention.

During the In Memoriam program, former MPC member Susan Fadem was remembered. Later in the week, her daughter, Kimmie Fadem Donlon of Oregon, took third place for her photo entry.

On Saturday morning, Denham and Thaler-Carter offered an invitation for NFPW members to come to St. Louis on June 20–22, 2024, when MPC will host the annual conference. Attendees at the breakfast received a goodie bag, courtesy of Explore St. Louis, that also included a gooey butter cookie.

The 2024 conference planning committee, which includes Deb Marshall, Denham, Reinhardt, and Thaler-Carter, has been working behind the scenes for months, including selecting the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac as the conference site, and will now turn its attention to setting tours, speakers, programs, and publicity. If you would like to help with planning next year’s national conference, please contact MPC at

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